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The question is not whether the defendant should have known whether his reputation-damaging statements were false, but whether he did know they were false or at least harbored “serious doubts” about their truth. “You know I got your email,” said Fairy Tail store David Schulz in an interview, “and I had to stop and scratch my head a minute because it’s a really difficult question.” A media lawyer for 35 years, Schulz is senior counsel at Ballard Spahr and the Floyd Abrams clinical lecturer at Yale Law School. So can a defendant’s “conscious avoidance” of evidence that cuts against his or her thesis, Schulz says. Such a defense would be an extraordinary one, Schulz opined. Is lunacy a defense to libel?

‘t understand this,” says Schulz, a jury is “highly unlikely” to be swayed by such a defense. The jury can say, ‘We don’t believe you. For instance, sticking to a preconceived narrative in the face of contrary facts can be evidence of “actual malice,” courts have found. In the U.S., a “public figure” who brings a libel case-and Dominion will likely be considered a public figure-must show “actual malice” to prevail, which is a subjective standard, the Supreme Court has held. Seriously consider a person’s deep breathing daily, and anytime which you detect that you will be inhaling via your current oral cavity, complete conscious efforts for you to close up a person’s oral cavity along with inhaling by way of a person’s nose.